Activity: Build a Fairy Garden

Your newly propagated succulents can be a beautiful addition to a fairy garden! Use your imagination and some found objects around your home and yard to create a tiny world where a fairy might like to live.

Containers: Glass bowl, wooden box, buckets, wagon, flower pot

Materials you may want to include: Succulents, small plants, moss, feathers, stones, shells, flowers, seaglass, tree bark, sand, leaves, ferns, flower petals, driftwood, glass marbles, lichen, sticks, pine cones, acorns

If you're planting real plants or succulents, fill your container first with a layer of small rocks to help with drainage, then the rest with potting soil. The rest is up to you! You can arrange moss, sand, and small rocks to cover the surface of the soil. Place stones and shells to make walkways. Use driftwood and leaves to make beds and tables. Paint rocks and use acorns, dried flowers, and leaves to decorate!