Activity: Explore Sense of Taste, Make your own Salad Dressing

Make a list of your favorite foods or recipes. What flavors are included? Do you tend to enjoy sweet foods or salty foods better? Do any of your favorite foods have bitter or sour flavors?

Sometimes when a food has too much of one flavor, we can balance it by adding another. For example, black coffee is very bitter, which is why some people add sugar and milk to balance it. Believe it or not, chocolate is made out of cacao beans, which are extremely bitter. When it's processed into chocolate, sugar and milk are added to make it more tasty. Some other delicious examples of mixed flavors are chocolate covered pretzels (salty and sweet) and pickles (salty and sour).

To experiment further with different tastes, try making your own salad dressing! The secret to perfect homemade salad dressing is a balance of different flavors. You can include: olive oil, vinegar (any kind), lemon, garlic, honey, maple syrup, brown sugar, black pepper, salt, mustard, and dried or fresh herbs. Try mixing together a small amount of some of these ingredients, and taste it. Does one flavor overpower the others? Try adding something else to balance it.