Activity: Growing Bulbs Indoors

Bring some spring colors indoors by planting flower bulbs in water! Growing bulbs in water in a clear container lets children learn more about how bulbs grow by allowing them to watch the roots and sprouts form over time.

Materials: Bulbs (try daffodils, tulips, crocus, iris, or hyacinth), gravel or small rocks, a clear container (a water glass or glass bowl works well, or you could use a glass jar from the recycling), printed  Observing a Bulb worksheet (optional)

Start by reading  Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. Compare the bulbs in the story to the bulbs you've bought. Point out the little sprout on top, and the roots at the bottom.

Fill your clear container with a few inches of gravel or small rocks, then fill with water until the water level just reaches the tops of the rocks. Place your bulbs on top with the sprout pointed up. The bottom of the bulb should be touching the water, but make sure it isn't submerged or it will rot. Place in a sunny window and refill the water as needed.

Extensions: Each week, draw a picture of your bulb's growth on the  Observing a Bulb worksheet.