Activity: Growing Garden Creatures

Growing hairy garden creatures is a fun summer gardening activity for kids of all ages! Use your imagination to create many different faces, and try different types of seeds to grow different types of "hair"

Materials: Seeds (grass seed, peas, or microgreens such as basil, kale, and greens work well), small cups for planting in, potting soil, and craft supplies for decorating (glue, markers, googly eyes, etc.)

First, decorate your container. You can use craft supplies and your imagination to make a silly face, or you can print out a small picture of you or someone else you know, and glue that on!

After your container is dry, fill it most of the way with potting soil. Sprinkle your seeds on the surface of the soil, then cover with 1/2 inch more soil. Water very lightly with a spray bottle.

Place your container in a sunny window and give it a little water any time it feels dry. Pretty soon your seeds will start to grow and your creature will look like it's growing hair! You can let the "hair" grow as long as you want, or you can trim it into a funny hair do.