Activity: Planting a Pollinator Garden

Start by having a discussion about pollination

What is pollen? Each flower has pollen inside it. Try to find examples- you can look inside flowers, or maybe it's blowing in the wind or all over your car! 

What is pollination? To put it simply, pollination is what needs to happen for flowers to be able to make fruit and seeds. The pollen from one flower needs to be mixed with the pollen from another flower. 

Who are pollinators? Make a list: bees, butterflies, bats, birds, moths, flies, beetles, and wasps all pollinate. The most important pollinators are bees. Pollinators pick up pollen from flowers and bring it to other flowers.

Why is this important? What would happen if we didn't have any fruit or seeds? 

Now that we've established how important pollination and pollinators are, how can we make sure to take care of them? If you have a garden, how can you make sure pollinators want to come pollinate all your pea and tomato flowers to turn them into food? One way to attract pollinators is by planting flowers! Pollinators especially love brightly colored flowers, anything bright and beautiful will help the bees and butterflies find your garden. Visit a garden store to find some plants and seeds to grow in your yard and garden as a gift to our pollinator friends.

Plants that help attract pollinators:

- Sunflowers

- Zinnias

- Pansies

- Lavender

- Asters

- Borage

- Dandelions