Activity: Planting Truffula Trees

Earth Day may have been last week, but it's always a good time to learn about taking care of our planet. This week read the story The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, then plant some Truffula Trees (Marigolds) together.

Materials: The Lorax by Dr. Seuss (find a read-aloud version here), small pots or containers for planting, potting soil, Marigold seeds, Truffula Tree Observation worksheet (optional)

1. Read The Lorax together, and think about these questions:

-Who was the Lorax? Why was he upset with the Once-ler?
-What was the Once-ler doing to the Truffula trees?
-Were there other living things that the Once-ler was harming?
-What did the land look like after the Once-ler was finished making his Thneeds? Was he helping or harming the earth by making his Thneeds?
-What did the Once-ler give the boy at the end of the story? What can he do with that seed?
-How does planting Truffula trees help make the earth a better place?

2. Pour out some Marigold seeds, and think about what the Lorax asked at the end of the book- for us to plant seeds and make the world a better place. Marigolds look similar to Truffula Trees and- like Truffula Trees- help make the world better by bringing insects into the garden, cleaning the air, and helping other plants grow.

3. Think about what seeds need to grow- soil, sun, and water. Scoop some potting soil into a pot, and make a hole in the pot no more than one inch deep. Plant your Marigold seed, cover with soil, and water.


Plant extra Marigolds to give away as gifts

As your Marigolds grow, fill out the Truffula Tree Observation Worksheet