Activity: Pressing Flowers

In the summer when flowers start to bloom, don't you wish you could save them forever? Pressing flowers is one way of preserving your favorite blooms to enjoy all year long.

Materials: A large book (try a dictionary or encyclopedia), blank paper (find some in your recycling bin, or use an old paper bag), some of your favorite flowers and leaves

While collecting flowers, try to gather a variety of shapes and colors. Make sure they're dry and remove any bugs and dead leaves.

Open your big book to the middle, and place one sheet of blank paper inside. Arrange your flowers on the paper, making sure they fit on the page and aren't touching each other. Place another blank piece of paper on top, and then gently close the book. If you have lots of flowers to press, repeat in another section of the book.

When all your flowers are pressed in the book, leave it in a safe spot and place some heavy objects or boxes on top. Leave your flowers to be pressed for at least
2 weeks.

Make art with your pressed flowers by putting glue on a piece of paper and gently sticking your flowers to the glue. Use them to make greeting cards, or put your flower art in a frame!