Activity: Vegetable Prints

Have any old fruit and vegetables sitting in the fridge getting funky? Don't let them go to waste- use them to make vegetable prints!

Materials: Vegetables and fruits of different shapes and sizes (potatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, citrus, celery, strawberries, broccoli, kale leaves, and peas could be fun to try), paint, paper plates, and paper.

1. If you choose, cut your fruits and vegetables into interesting shapes. 

2. Pour a small amount of paint onto your paper plate. The prints will come out better if you use just a little paint, rather than covering the entire fruit.

3. Carefully dip your fruit or vegetable into the paint, then press onto the paper.

Discuss- which foods made the more interesting prints? Why do you think that is? Can you identify any parts of the plant in your prints? (Seeds, stem, leaves...) Can you arrange the prints on your paper so it resembles a meal?