Activity: Viewable Root Gardens

This week, try making a viewable root garden!

Materials: A clear container with drainage holes (a plastic drink cup or a CD case with the paper removed both work well), potting soil, carrot seeds

  1. Fill your container with soil. If using a CD case, fill just enough so the case can still close. It works best if you orient it so the hinge is at the top, so you can water your seeds.
  2. Place a few carrot seeds near the top, and cover with a little more soil. If using a clear cup, plant your seeds close to the edges
  3. Gently water your seeds. Keep them damp by watering every day while the seeds are germinating.

As the seeds grow, you will see the sprout growing on top of the soil, while also watching the root grow through the plastic!

If you're feeling more ambitious, try these directions for another type of DIY root viewer