Activity: Yard and Garden Observations

There are so many changes happening during the spring. Take some time to look closely at what's going on in your own backyard!

Materials: Sticks and string/yarn, a garden journal, drawing materials, measuring tape, camera

Measure a 6X6 foot (or however big you'd like) area in your yard or garden, and mark it off with sticks and string. Once a week, spend some time in your area and observe what changes happen as we move further into spring. Try to use all five senses, and record changes either by drawing in a notebook or garden journal, or by taking photos.

Plants- What plants are growing in your space? How tall is the grass? Can you find any sprouts, buds, or flowers? Try to identify as many as you can. Measure any plants every week and keep track of their growth. Try to predict which plants will grow the fastest.

Creatures- How many different types of insects can you find? Do the types of insects change as time goes on? Are there any animal footprints, fur, or feathers? Can you hear any birds?

Soil- How does the soil feel? Is it hard and packed down or soft and springy? Can you dig easily or are there lots of roots?

Use this free resource to make your own garden journal!

Use this free resource to make your own garden journal!