Bug of the Week 28: Convergent Lady Beetle

Have you seen any red bugs with black spots? It may be a Convergent lady beetle. Also called a lady bug these bugs are often found in gardens eating aphids and other pests. Farmers and gardeners alike are very happy to have these friends around. 

Você já viu algum inseto vermelho com manchas pretas? Pode ser um besouro convergente. Também chamados de joaninha, esses insetos são freqüentemente encontrados em jardins que comem pulgões e outras pragas. Agricultores e jardineiros ficam muito felizes por ter esses amigos por perto 

Species Hippodamia convergens

HABITAT (WHERE THEY LIVE): This species can be found in habitats ranging from grasslands, forests, agricultural fields, gardens, and natural parks across North and Central America.

NUTRITION (WHAT THEY EAT): They eat aphids, scales, thrips, and other soft-bodied insects. It will also feed on pollen and nectar from flowers when prey is scarce.

PREDATORS (WHO EATS THEM): Other bugs can predate on lady beetles. 



University of Florida