Oak Bluffs School

In Oak Bluffs, we engage with students from kindergarten through 8th grade. Every week, we work with the kindergarten, first and second grades, taking care of the garden, learning in the classroom, and going on field trips from Katama to Aquinnah as we explore the changing seasons on the farm. In the middle school, we study the history of plant domestication and the birth of agriculture, seed greens for the school salad bar, and study hand on plant genetics. In 2009, IGS helped guide renovations in the school greenhouse, which students use to grow over 1,000 fruit and vegetable seedlings each year. The seedlings are sold to the community in a popular spring seedling sale to help cover the costs of maintaining our garden and greenhouse learning programs. Classes plant, harvest, and cook with Harvest of the Month crops, and every month the cafeteria opened its doors to allow us to host a Harvest of the Month taste-test for the entire school.