Plant of Week 9: Purple Dead Nettle

A sure sign of spring is the first sighting of purple dead nettles. These green and purple plants are not related to stinging nettles, but is a member of the mint family, although it does not have a minty flavor. The name "dead nettle" refers to the fact that the leaves lack the stinging hairs, and so the sting is considered "dead"

Species: Lamium purpurea

HABITAT: Native to Europe and Asia, purple dead nettles can also be found throughout the US and Canada.

IS IT EDIBLE? Yes- the leaves are edible, and can be eaten raw or cooked. Try it in a salad or cooked into a stir fry!

IS IT MEDICINAL? Purple dead nettle has been brewed into tea to treat chills and kidney issues. The leaves can be applied to wounds to stop bleeding. 


9 Ways to Use Purple Dead Nettles