Tisbury School

The Tisbury School garden grows and grows. The garden has expanded over the last few years, making room to grow wheat, corn, rice and barley. With the support of school administrators, the middle school students helped build a new garden space in 2013, the “cafeteria garden,” where 5th through 8th graders engage in growing fresh produce for school meals. Curricular connection are made in the garden, as classes use the space for science, math, writing, and more. Students in the IGS-run after school garden club help maintain the school garden, eat healthy snacks, and talk about food and the food system.

In the classroom, teachers integrate garden- and food-based learning across grade levels. Fourth graders have a whole unit on soil. Eighth graders participate in the Colonial Chopped Cooking Challenge, in which they compete to cook authentic colonial dishes with traditional ingredients and hear from a panel of local chef judges. Many classes visit local farms to glean and learn about farming on Martha’s Vineyard.

Twice a year, the Tisbury cafeteria hosts an all-local lunch. Students help to harvest and prepare the meal, which features delicious produce and meat from area farms. Harvest of the Month taste tests are a beloved institution at the Tisbury School. School-wide taste testing happens every month for 300 students at lunchtime, and at each one, many students experience a food they’ve never tasted before.