Video: 3 Ways to Care for your Plants


Use a watering can or a hose with a gentle shower attachment
It's best to water your outdoor plants in the morning when it’s less hot so the water will soak into the soil before it evaporates.
Water the soil around your plants, rather than watering from above and getting it on the leaves


Start by identifying which plants are supposed to be growing in your space. Any other plants that have popped up that you don’t want there are called weeds.
When pulling out weeds, hold them from the bottom, as close to the soil as you can and pull straight up. Try to get all the roots out of the soil so the weed doesn’t grow back.


Fertilizer is food for your plants. It's best to add fertilizer to your soil in the spring before you plant so the nutrients have time to absorb into the soil, but you can also fertilize once a month throughout the growing season.

Coffee grounds can be used to fertilize acid-loving plants like blueberries, lilacs, carrots, and radishes.