Video: Hoop House

Learn how to build a hoop house for your raised bed.


6-8 pipe straps per garden bed

5 pieces of pvc pipe cut to length

Wood screws

Enough greenhouse plastic to cover the garden bed


Tape/zip ties/string

Rocks of bricks

Step one:

Attach the pipe straps to the outside of the garden frame. Ensure that they are evenly spread across the bed. Use a tape measure or straight stick to align them.

Step two:

Insert the pvc pipes into the attached straps. This will create the hoop over the garden bed.

Take the remaining pvc pipe and attach it across the top of the pvc hoops. This will give the structure needed support.

Step three:

Stretch the greenhouse plastic over the frame and attach with the clamps. Place heavy rocks or bricks over the excess plastic on the ground.