Video: Learning about Flavor Profiles

Can you name six different flavors? What type of flavor is your favorite? What happens when you mix them? Join Brandee in her kitchen as she answers these questions while tasting some different flavors found in her kitchen. Then try finding your own!

The six different flavors are: sour, spicy, salty, bitter, umami, and sweet

Try finding a food for each of the six flavors in your kitchen Here are some examples:

Sour: lemon, lime, pickles, vinegar
Spicy: hot sauce, garlic, ginger, pepper
Salty: chips, pretzels, crackers
Bitter: coffee, dark chocolate, kale, grapefruit
Umami: fish sauce, miso, seaweed, parmesan
Sweet: fruit, honey, maple syrup

Follow along with Brandee in the video as she tastes each different flavor. What flavors are your favorites? Are there any you don't like? Could you mix any together to make them taste better?