West Tisbury School

West Tisbury School has worked hard to make local food a part of their school. In spring 2012, the West Tisbury School, with IGS support, broke away from a 23-year-old corporate food service contract to bring control of school lunch back to the hands of the school itself and away from for-profit interests. The kitchen was renovated with the help of local builders who donated their time, and the school is paying cafeteria staff a living wage to bring healthy, locally-grown food to school meals. The cafeteria now serves almost 200 lunches, made from between 25-75 percent locally grown produce and meat, each day. The school’s garden program engages every elementary grade level and produces an impressive bounty of food to contribute to the school lunches. We also work with the middle school by leading a special science elective in the garden. In the classroom, teachers and students have embraced the Harvest of the Month program. Each month, our IGS coordinator reads books based on the featured crop to students in the school library, and the art classes made painted signs of the crops to hang in the cafeteria.