December 9, 2013

Seed hero Gary Nabhan visits Island Grown Schools

We were honored to get to meet with Gary Nabhan, renowned author, scientist, and food activist, who came to visit the Vineyard and meet with IGS staff and a small group of island farmers, and growers, and teachers in the context of IGS's new heirloom grain program. Glenn Roberts, our grain mentor from Anson Mills, invited Gary to come speak with us about the broader movement to preserve agricultural biodiversity in our country and around the world. Please see Noli's article from the Vineyard Gazette for more on this meeting and what Gary had to share with us: We are hoping to bring Gary and his team from Native SEEDS/Search back to the island to interact with more of the community around seeds, seed preservation, and the exploration of the relationship between food and culture here on the Vineyard, and will keep you posted as these plans come together.