August 31, 2013

Summer in the Chilmark School garden

[caption id="attachment_1031" align="alignleft" width="224"]photo Clara Athearn at the Chilmark School garden stand.[/caption] A beautiful day at the Chilmark School garden, thanks to the hard work of IGS Coordinator Lizzy Bradley, Assistant Coordinator Meg Athearn, Meg's kids Clara, Zeb, and Penelope, and all the families of Chilmark School who have helped maintain the garden over the summer. Lizzy and Meg set up a mini-farm stand in the garden, with perfect peppers, beautiful flower bouquets, green beans, kale, tomatoes, and more, all harvested from the garden. Here is Clara, who will be in second grade this year, with the price board she wrote herself. Robin Smith, the 1st/2nd grade teacher, was also in the garden today, thinking ahead to the school year and what she will do with her students in this outdoor classroom: studying shapes, colors, math, and more, making tomato sauce to share with families out of the plum tomatoes hanging heavy on the vines, planting greens with Lizzy under the pop-up cold frames during the fall, winter and spring...Even now, during the bounty of late summer, the garden feels full of the promise of the learning season to come. I hope you'll have a chance to go check it out as the school year approaches.