February 10, 2015

Baking Bread with the Preschools

After celebrating whole grains for the month of January, a few preschools decided to make bread in their classrooms using wheat and corn. First the students ground wheat seeds (or berries) into flour using a hand mill. They learned that by cranking the handle with their arms, the mill's toothed wheels would grind the seeds. The type of flour this simple machine produced was different than the flour from a store. Instead it was course and reminded the children of sand.

The students used a little bit of this crunchy wheat in their bread recipes. They were also able to compare the three different stages and textures of the wheat berry: whole seed (hard), mill ground flour (sandy) and stone ground flour (soft).

Grace preschool baked their corn bread for the church's soup supper, Community Services baked several loaves of bread for their family dinner night, and Island Children's School baked whole wheat molasses bread as part of their lunch.