March 27, 2015

Eggs in the Classroom and Cafeteria

We have been exploring the Harvest of the Month through math, geography, language, art, and taste tests. At West Tisbury school, first graders measured the length and weight of quail, chicken, and duck eggs using unifex cubes and balance scales. IMG_5600 IMG_5646 IMG_5603 Preschoolers dyed hard-boiled eggs with natural dyes from cabbage, beets and blueberries.


Spanish students at the high school bought eggs from Grey Barn during their farm field trips and cooked them along with Thimble Farm kale and Mermaid Farm cheese to make a frittata as part of a global foods unit. IMG_5953 IMG_5977 The cafeterias made egg sandwiches and frittatas, and included hard-boiled eggs in their salads, while the coordinators have organized Harvest of the Month taste tests.


Emily at the Edgartown school gave away a raffle prize of a dozen Farm Institute eggs to whoever answered this question correctly: How often does a chicken lay an egg? Do you know the answer? IMG_5762