July 6, 2015

Meet the Summer 2015 Farm Project Crew!

“By learning from the community, to serve the community, we will grow" -The Farm Project, Summer 2015
We're pleased to announce that our Island Grown Schools summer teen apprenticeship program, The Farm Project, is off to a great start. The Farm Project develops youth farm to school leaders by deepening students’ understanding of the food system and engaging them in service-based projects in our school gardens, on local farms, and with programs that expand healthy food access in the community. Our IGS coordinator, Kelsey is leading the group with help from Assistant Crew Leader, Skyler. You might see them gleaning vegetables at Morning Glory, distributing produce at Serving Hands, working at school gardens, helping out at local farms or working in their Thimble Farm Garden plot. There are 8 high school students participating in the program this summer. Here are some fun facts about them: Farm Project_Summer 2015
  • Sophie is going into her junior year at MVRHS, and is most looking forward to finding more outlets to get involved in the community this summer! Fun fiction: meow. Sophie is a cat in spirit. Fun fact: she is the only left handed person among her 6 siblings & she was the flower girl at the second ever gay marriage in Massachusetts!
  • Olivia is going into her senior year at MVHRS, and is really excited to work outside and to work hard! Fun fiction: she's got baby blues. Fun fact: she has major dance skills, or in her words "I've got rhythm”.
  • Kylie is going into her junior at MVHRS, and is excited to be able to plant our own food and harvest it! Fun fiction: next summer, she's planning to save up and get a mermaid tail (these are real things, people). Fun fact: in fifth grade, she had her appendix removed.
  • Lily is going into her sophomore year at the Charter school, and is most excited to become familiar with techniques in managing crops! Fun fiction: she once ate a bucket of dirt. Fun fact: once went mushroom picking on a mountain in Spain.
  • David is going into his sophomore year at MVRHS, and is most excited to see all the island farm and farmers. Fun fiction: dreams of building wings that humans could fly with. Fun fact: he once folded over 100 orgami birds in 4-5 months.
  • Finn is going into his Freshmen year at the Charter school, and is pumped that this is his first job and he loves it! Fun fiction: that he helped in research to convert hair into antennae. Fun fact: all of his nicknames are longer than his given name (i.e Harry Punner). "No pun intended”.
  • Autumn is going into her sophomore year at MVRHS, and is looking forward to learning about healthy eating and food choices. Fun fiction: if she was a mythical creature, she would be the Loch Ness monster. Fun fact: she accidentally dumped a bottle of canola oil on her head July 14th, 2015, and was subsequently late for Farm Project.
  • Astrid is going into her senior year at charter, and can’t wait to keep eating, and eat even more, free fresh & local food! Fun fiction: she's an avid whale rider. Fun fact: loves eating weeds and wild thangs with a fiery passion.
  • Skyler, our Assistant Crew Leader, just graduated from the Charter school, and is most excited for this one wild and precious life in the Farm Project. Fun fiction: he rides a chariot drawn by wild sea turtles to island every day, and they never get tired. Fun fact: one lb of ground beef, half a cup of sautéed peanuts with coconut oil, add arugula, add salt, add sriracha ( or hot sauce of choice) let sit for two mins, add to ground beef, GRILL.