August 9, 2016

Celebrate Summer Squash, August's Harvest of the Month

Summer squash are a plenty at any farm stand or home garden this time of year. Try Romenesca Zucchini from Slip Away Farm for a squash that holds up well on the grill but is tender enough for snacking. Summer squash and zuchinnis are best eaten young, but if you lost track of unruly squashes growing in the garden, the large ones still give moisture and flavor to bread or muffin recipes. Squash is a reliable and inexpensive crop so it's great to chop and freeze for the winter. Check out our info poster for more quick tips, or make summer squash into a main dish with our Squash Noodle recipe. No fancy tools necessary - all you need is a vegetable peeler or a box grater. You can eat them raw as in this recipe, or quickly saute them for 2 minutes in oil until al dente. Serve noodles with a meaty red sauce or lemony pesto.