December 5, 2016

Celebrate winter squash, November's Harvest of the Month

Winter squash has long been valued for its dependable shelf life.  Most winter squashes will store in a cool place from 1 to 3 months.  Some will last even longer: a Blue Hubbard squash – with its thick, bumpy skin – will store for 6 months.

As a side dish, roasted winter squash can be delicious on its own with just a pat of butter or a drizzle of maple syrup. For a beautiful main course try this month’s recipe of pumpkin soup. Find other serving ideas on our info poster

We try to incorporate literature into the Harvest of the Month through stories and activities at school. There are so many great children’s books about pumpkins (winter squash’s relative), but our new favorite book for November is Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller. A little girl picks out a butternut squash at the farmer’s market and, instead of eating it for dinner, makes it her new best friend. Eventually the squash – which she named Bernice – starts to rot. Read the book to find out what Sophie ends up learning about her rotting squash friend.