January 26, 2016


Island Grown Schools, Culinary Arts & Ceramic Arts at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School are collaborating with Chef Dan Saur of 7a Foods to host a dinner fundraiser


MVRHS Culinary Arts Dining Room

$25 Tickets, Seating at 6pm

We will be serving Pho, a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, made with savory seasonings and a variety of locally sourced meats to create a deeply rich broth ladled over island grown vegetables and thinly sliced beef. The dish will be served in students’ hand made bowls, which you can take home with you at the end of your meal!

The Pho fundraiser is an opportunity for students at MVRHS to work with community members and give back to their school programs. The students in culinary arts will work with local chef Dan Saur to make a traditional Vietnamese dish with island sourced ingredients, while students in ceramic arts will work with guest potters to learn throwing techniques and skills. Please come join us to enjoy a delicious dish, take a home a hand made bowl, and help support our programs! Proceeds will go to Culinary Arts, Ceramic Arts, and the MVRHS garden.

We would like to thank Chef Dan Saur for volunteering his time, energy and talent working with MVRHS Culinary Arts' students in making the dish, and the island farms that contributed to this event, including Morning Glory, the Good Farm, and BeetleBung Farm Meats.

Tickets are sold out! Thank you for supporting our programs and we look forward to seeing you at the next event!