June 21, 2016

First Peas to the Table

Since March we have been working with 3rd to 5th graders at all the island schools on a project called First Peas to the Table, based on a book of the same name by Susan Grigsby. The unit focuses on a contest that Thomas Jefferson led at Monticello with his neighbors every spring to see who could be the first to grow a cup of shelling peas. All of our school gardens replicated the contest, racing to be the first to produce a cup of peas. 

We worked with students to choose which varieties of peas to grow, when to plant them, whether to start them in the classroom or direct seed, and how to tend them. Each school charted the weekly growth of their peas and shared the progress with the other schools to keep an eye on the competition!

First Peas has been a fun and effective way to teach science and math curriculum while helping our students become more engaged in the outdoor classroom  of our school garden. It's also been a clever way to get kids excited to eat delicious peas. 

All of our schools have harvested their peas and the judges have decided on a winner. Our unit will culminate on Wednesday, June 22nd at Morning Glory Farm, where we will crown our First Peas to the Table winning school. Please join us!