January 4, 2016

Reflection from Farm Project Crew member

Natalija Lakis, a junior at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School and a first time member of the Farm Project, reflects on her experience with our program:

Ever since I went to the first farm outing, I've been hooked. Growing up, my family has never been particularly "farmy"...meaning we were never the ones to grow our own meals. Throughout the years I've become more and more interested in agriculture, and I've found that the Farm Project is the perfect environment in which to expand upon my interests. One of our first projects was harvesting potatoes from our program's farm plot. During our harvest, I learned the technique for uncovering the round vegetables without damaging the crop and was continually excited each time we dug up a spud! We then weighed, washed, and prepared the potatoes for donation to both the island's high school cafeterias, which showed me how I involved I am in helping my local community through the Farm Project.

We've also helped construct a ramp at a local school's education garden, so that the garden can be a place for EVERYONE, not just those who have the ability to walk. This project was the first time I've ever really felt I have the ability to help people through my work; it was an incredible feeling. Overall the Farm Project is a really feel good job, I truly believe I've gained tons of information on the growing and harvesting of plants. Undoubtly I'll go on to use the things I've learned in my everyday life and educate others on healthy choices as well as how they can go about constructing their own garden!