November 8, 2017

Celebrate Root Vegetables, November's Harvest of the Month!

In the cold winter months when fresh produce is hard to find, root vegetables are my go-to for an easy, healthy meal. Because they grow underground, they absorb lots of nutrients from the soil, and unlike most vegetables, their season lasts well into the fall and winter. In fact, many root vegetables actually taste sweeter after a few frosts, which convert their starches into sugars.

Carrots, beets, turnips, and parsnips are all delicious when chopped into bite-size pieces, tossed with olive oil and roasted. I usually make a large batch and eat them throughout the week in burritos, with pasta, or cold on salads. Root veggies can also be boiled and tossed with vinaigrette, and are a great addition to soups. Turnips and parsnips can be mashed similarly to potatoes — give it a try, and see if your family can tell the difference.

This month, try our featured recipe, beet hummus. Just as delicious as plain hummus, but extra-healthy — and it’s pink! Click here to get the recipe!

Our featured farm of the month is North Tabor Farm. You can buy fresh baby beets, radishes, and turnips at this up island farm. You can also find these veggies at local restaurants and the farmer's market! To view our information poster click here.