Farm Project

April 7, 2014

Hiring High School students for the Farm Project

The Farm Project offers teenagers a chance to make a difference in the lives of people living on Martha’s Vineyard. By growing, harvesting, and distributing fresh vegetables, young people work together as a team to serve others, learn farming and business skills, experience nature, explore issues of hunger and community, challenge themselves, earn money and have ...
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July 24, 2013

Farm Project: Summer 2013

We are the Farm Project: a group of young people striving to fill the food security gap on Martha’s Vineyard. We serve the people by distributing fresh, local produce; we inform the public about their nutritional rights; and we empower the community through the practice of gleaning and sustainable farming. This is a recent blog post ...
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July 16, 2013

Farm Project: Gleaning

This blog is by Kaila Newton, a 2nd year Farm Project crew member. One of my favorite days of the week is Tuesday, because Tuesday is the day when the Farm Project crew drives down to Morning Glory Farm and helps glean in the hot sun. I like to glean because I know that we are ...
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July 9, 2013

Farm Project: Thimble Farm

This blog post is by Lee Felix, a 2nd year crew member of the Farm Project This week we went to Thimble Farm. We cleared the fence line. We also helped move things in the greenhouse and clean them. I found it interesting that the fish [in the aquaponics system in the greenhouse] benefit the plants ...
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July 29, 2011

Farm Project: “Chicken Processing”

This blog entry is written by Dylan Seder, Farm Project crew member. This week we were involved in chicken processing. I had, and have, some issues with it. The first is with its title. Chicken Processing. Implying that chickens, like soda bottles in a factory, are just one more American product to be outfitted for civilian ...
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July 9, 2011

Farm Project: Year One

This is a blog entry by Dylan Seder, one of this year’s Farm Project crew members. The Farm Institute, in collaboration with Island Grown Schools, has started a new program this summer called the Farm Project. Our mission states: We are the Farm Project: a group of young people striving to fill the food security gap ...
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